As with any Constituency Labour Party, the most important people are our members. Every year, in May, members elect an Executive Committee, tasked with the day-to-day running of the CLP.


Chair: Simon Weaver (Brackley)

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CLP Chairs (as you can guess from their name) chair meetings, making sure they run smoothly, are conducted in a respectful, comradely way in accordance with the Labour Party rules. They are there to provide a warm welcome for all members and ensure they have a stake in the direction of the constituency party. Chairs also organise follow up meetings to ensure the CLP are sticking to the plan!

CLP Chairs have an overview of the whole CLP and they help all of the other officers, ensuring that everyone supports each other in their roles. With so much work being done by volunteers, it’s crucial that everyone works together so that the CLP can as effectively as possible.


Vice-Chair: Anne Thompson (Deanshanger)

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Meetings can’t go ahead without a Chair! So the main responsibility of the Vice Chair is to stand in for the CLP Chair when they’re not available; chairing meetings, making sure they’re run in a fair and open way, and ensuring everyone is listened to and has their say.


Secretary: Rachel Dando L’Olive (Towcester & Roade)

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The role of CLP Secretary is to keep the CLP running efficiently. They will make sure everyone is kept up to date with the CLPs activities, particularly when it comes to official meetings. They are responsible for making sure that all the CLP’s communications are high quality and that everyone’s details are kept up to date!


Treasurer: Zana Salipur Brittain (Brackley)

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In short, Treasurers are responsible for ensuring local parties have the funds they need to run effective campaigns. This involves setting and monitoring budgets, and often leading on fundraising. They’re also required to keep meticulous financial records, and report on these throughout the year.

It’s a lot of responsibility, but hugely rewarding too as Treasurers are vital to running a successful campaign. Treasurers work closely with the other Officers of the CLP to plan, work to and stay on track with a budget.


Women’s Officer: Anna Day (Silverstone)

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The Women’s Officer is the key representative of women members on the executive of the CLP, playing a key role in decision making and strategy within your CLP and ensuring that women are fully involved in the work of the local party. The Women’s Officer also takes a leading role in making sure that the campaigning work of the constituency reaches out and engages with women voters.

CLP Women’s Officers work to make sure their local party is a welcoming and engaging place for women. They head up events where women are brought together, both to empower everyone and knowledge share. A key part of their role is also to recruit more women members – and then to encourage and support them to become activists.


Membership Officer: vacant

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The role of Membership Officer is really exciting and varied – especially with our membership having grown so much in the past few years. Membership Officers ensure that members are at the heart of all activity, ensuring every local Labour Party is a welcoming and supportive environment for everyone. This can involve encouraging members to attend meetings, get involved with campaigning and take action on issues that matter to them. They ensure that everyone is equipped with the skills and information they need to do this, and answer any questions people have about membership and activism.


Youth Co-ordinator: Samuel Akbur (Brackley)

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Youth Co-ordinators take the lead on recruiting and engaging young people, ensuring that young members get as much as they possibly can out of their membership and that they have their say in the local party. Youth Co-ordinators head up all of the events aimed at young members and keep all of the young members in their area up to date with everything that’s going on.

They’re responsible for representing the views of young members at meetings and making sure that the voices of young people in the party are heard at a local level, empowering young people to get involved and building a more inclusive local Labour party.


LGBT Officer: vacant

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LGBT Co-ordinators have a varied and exciting role – with responsibilities ranging from running events like policy development seminars, training and socials for LGBT members, as well as ensuring that all the other CLP meetings and events are fully inclusive of LGBT members. It’s also the LGBT Co-ordinator’s responsibility to oversee and run campaigns that reach out to the local LGBT community.

LGBT Co-ordinators make a huge difference to the CLP and the LGBT community in your area; bringing people together, empowering and supporting LGBT people and building a more inclusive local Labour Party. They take the lead on projects such as getting in touch with local LGBT charities and voluntary organisations, and working out how the local party could have a presence in events in the community.


BAME Officer: Terry Lodge (Sixfields)

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BAME Co-ordinators are responsible for welcoming and bringing BAME members together, to empower each other and share knowledge and skills. Depending on what BAME members want to see, they aim to make the events as fun and diverse as possible.

We want to make sure Labour’s campaigns are relevant to BAME communities, so a key part of the Co-ordinators’ role is reaching out and working with those communities in the local area. Through this outreach they’ll be  recruiting more members into the Labour Party and – with a bit of training and of course some fun social events – helping those members make the all important jump from member to activist.

Ultimately, at the heart of this role is a sincere aim to help continue to build an inclusive party for BAME members, and the desire to play a leading role in making sure your local party campaigns to win BAME votes at every election.


Campaign Co-ordinator: Tim Hughes (Brackley)

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One week you can be leading a series of local door knocking sessions in different parts of your constituency, working with residents to improve their communities. The next week you might be meeting with other Officers in your CLP to plan out your election campaign.

Being a CLP Campaign Co-ordinator is a demanding role, especially at election time, but it is also incredibly rewarding. It is a brilliant feeling when you help, or you win an election; knowing that Labour will make an improvement to people’s lives in your community. If you are a seasoned campaigner, want to make a difference in your community and are a real ‘people person’ this could be the ideal role for you.


Trade Union Liaison Officer: Arthur Greaves (Deanshanger)

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The Labour Party was born out of the Trade Union movement, so the CLP Trade Union Liaison Coordinator has a very important role in maintaining this relationship for the benefit of both organisations and the members within them.

The Coordinator helps to ensure there is a smooth exchange of information and support for affiliated unions both nationally and locally, aligning campaigns and objectives to maximise our joint resources. They also keep in close contact with the local Trades Union Council and local Union officials to maintain good working relationships.


Social Media Officer: Luke Young (Brackley)

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You are welcome to contact our IT Officer if you have any ideas for what should be on our website and social media (



Policy Officer: Gill Higginson (Hackleton & Grange Park)

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The Policy Officer works to ensure that local members’ voices are heard in the policy-making decision, establishing South Northamptonshire Labour’s views on the important issues, and feeding these forward to Labour national Policy Forum. The Policy Officer will feed from member-raised issues, nationally- and locally-relevant stories, and information gathered from voters on the doorstep.


Disability Officer: Andy Vincent (Bugbrooke)

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The Disability Officerr is the key representative of disabled members within the CLP and works to ensure that they are fully involved in the work of the local party. The Disability Officer brings disabled members together to empower each other and ensures all members are equipped with the knowledge and skills they need to get involved with party activity.

They also take a leading role in making sure that the campaigning work of the constituency reaches out, engages with and includes disabled voters. Disability Officers head up all of the events for disabled members, including training, policy development and social events.


Communities Co-Ordinators: Briony Askew (Towcester & Roade) & Zana Salipur- Brittain (Brackley)

contact Briony (for Zana’s contact details, see Treasurer)

Our success as a Party depends on our links with the local community, the personal connections we make and the positive role we can play. The Communities Co-Ordinator takes the lead on projects that involve getting in touch with local charities and voluntary organisations and working out how the local party could have a presence at events in the community.

They work closely with other members and, in particular, with our Councillors and our Disability, Youth, LGBT and BAME Officers, helping them to connect with people both within and outside the CLP. With the UK leaving the EU, our Communities Co-Ordinator will also support those overseas nationals resident in the UK.


Rural Affairs Officer: Graham Judd (Brackley)

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South Northamptonshire is a rural area and our relationship with farmers and the rural community is vital to understanding the needs of the constituency. Labour stands on the side of rural communities and it is vital that we are able to communicate this, as well as to make it clear that Labour is listening to rural concerns. It is also important that we take up the responsibility of being the voice of rural constituencies within the Labour Party.


Fundraising Officer: vacant

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The Fundraising Officer supports the efforts of the Executive Committee to fully fund an active Constituency Labour Party through a variety of activities, including – but not limited to – social events, prize draws, and donation schemes.

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